NAC Code of Conduct
Always respect the environment and its wildlife. Never drop litter or discard tackle.

Always respect the property of others and as such poaching is not condoned.Always obtain permission to fish wherever necessary and comply with any rules the water owner imposes. Make sure that you have an valid rod licence to cover however number of rods you intend to use.

Always ensure that you have the correct tackle necessary, especially a large micromesh landing net, forceps, scales, weight net or sling and a un-hooking mat.
Please return all eels alive and well to the water. Remember eels are believed to be in serious decline.
When landed, treat all eels with respect and handle with great care please. Do not retain eels in a water container (e.g. Bait Bucket). If you do wish to retain eels for photographic purposes only use a suitable carp sack, pike tube or correctly pegged keep net.
Rods should NEVER be left unattended in any circumstances. If you decide to leave your swim for any reason, REEL IN. It only takes a few seconds for an eel to swallow the bait and hooks. Always ensure adequate and efficient bite detection is used.
Try to avoid deep hooking eels by striking on the first run. Never wait for the second run. Strike as soon as you are sure that the eel has bait in its jaws. A missed eel run is better than a dead eel. Try to use baits which will give you the best chance of hooking the eel as soon as possible.
If the hook cannot be seen it is best left alone; trying to remove the hook will cause more damage than good. Cut the trace as near to the eel or hook as possible and return the fish.
Never leave or hold an eel on its back for long periods, this position can kill an eel if left for a lengthy time. Ensure the eel is kept wet at all times especially during handling. Never use anything which could result in the eels slime being removed, Materials such as newspaper and toweling will remove the mucus which could then leave the eel open to infection when released.
Eels suffer heart attacks if not handled with care; the more you abuse the eel, the more it will fight back and struggle. Remember not to grip the eel tightly behind the head. Damage to the eels vital organs could occur as they are all within that vicinity.
Please offer your help to any angler you see in trouble landing, unhooking or handling any eel. Your help could save the life of, and any damage being done to the eel.
If you see anyone abusing eels, try to persuade and convince them that there is no reason to mistreat eels. Never lose your temper, if they will not listen, leave and report the incident to the fishery owner.
The good name of the NAC and the esteem in which it is held has taken many years to build up, yet irresponsible actions by one or more members could destroy in minutes all that hard work. The name of the NAC is entrusted to each and every member and all members are NAC representatives. YOU ARE THE NAC, by adhering as closely as possible to the recommendations laid down here you will not let the N.A.C or yourselves down.
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